Update March 22, 2024

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Due to its inability to secure a new operating location in accordance with municipal development permit requirements, the Leduc Hub Association will cease offering services to the public as of May 1, 2024.

The Assocation’s Board of Directors continues building local capacity to provide shelter services in the City of Leduc, and is actively searching for a suitable location to resume shelter services.

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  • We have reduced hours for our day programming to ensure we have enough funds to maintain operations for the duration of our operating agreements with funders. Our hours of daytime operation will be 9-5 Monday thru Friday (closed evenings and weekends)
  • Our current timelines remain unchanged. We will end all public services on April 30, including day programming and shelter, in accordance with the expiration of provincial funding. On June 30, we will exit our current location in accordance with the expiry of the lease. 
  • We continue to work with the local community to search for a new location. We’ve written to council asking them to identify a list of publicly owned properties that we can evaluate for potential new homes, either through a purchase, lease agreement or donation.
  • We’ve also asked council to take action on its recent commitment to ensure uninterrupted shelter services remain in Leduc.
  • We’re asking them to write to the provincial Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services and indicate their unequivocal support for year-round emergency shelter services in Leduc, and to write to the provincial Minister of Infrastructure requesting a meeting to discuss the sale or donation of lands owned by Alberta Infrastructure to the municipality on condition of the development of housing infrastructure, including emergency shelter.
  • We’re hopeful Council will take actions at its next meeting. 
  • We’ve also taken actions of our own to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining these services in our community. We are actively recruiting several new board members, we’re exploring potential partnerships with other well-established shelter providers, we’re developing a new citizen advisory committee to build better relationships in the community, and we’re supporting City Council’s work on its new housing strategy.